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Lots has changed in 3 weeks!


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I have not seen a report for 3 weeks. Got chase's TC service and got a nice fresh report this morning..

My lates on my old car loan are gone :)

My paid tax lein on EQ is GONE!

My EQ report is now clean except for one installment loan that went 60 days late, it is an account with a tool dealer who was suppose to stop by and pickup payments. he vanished and no one stopped for money. I got a statement 2 months later and paid um. ya.. I shoulda called them.

TU is proving to be the WROST cra for me to deal with. They won't remove/fix anything.

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Uh Merk? You have done a GREAT job on fixing things though. So congrats on the things that you got off the others.

I feel your pain regarding TU....it is EX with me (really Cranky) They just refuse to make things better, and even say something is being currently investigated, when actually they sent a notice sayinng the item remains.


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for me its EQ that I am having a problem with deletions. since my journey began in jan. I have had a total of :

TU 18 deletions

EX 16 deletions

EQ 09 deletions

I have just 4 left on TU / 5 on EX / and 12 on EQ

have no idea why I'm having troubles with them but I will continue and by this time next year I will be completed with all scores in the mid 700's

right now !!!

TU 669

EX 652

EQ 615

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I just noticed my 2 inq's from a collection agentcy (LVNV kicked it to someone) are GONE from TU! my one CC is pif'd and Crown is reporting 1500cl, o bal.. I might just head to target.. They denied me due to the collection pulls and high ballance on my one card.

Baby needs some bigger clothes and he's still at the hospital.. 6 days old today. :)

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