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Voluntary non-suit in Virginia, I want to dismiss, but have to see judge??

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I filed a suit against a big CRA and just got a new job.

I can't miss work to attend the hearing. I have fought hand, foot, tooth, and nail for this job so It is more important to me than this suit.

I filed a motion for non-suit without prejudice (entitled to one in Virginia as a matter of right).

So I called the clerk to ask whether or not they got my non-suit.

They said yes, but told me that the judge doesn't just sign off on the non-suit in Prince William County (wheras they do in neighboring county).

Now I can't make it to court, and figure the CRA will get their motion to dismiss with prejudice awarded.

I have no money to have an attorney appear on my behalf on that date and none will take it on a contingency so far.

Any thoughts besides just not showing up and letting them dismiss my suit??


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