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CRA's are not user friendly!

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I had a fraud alert put on my files with the CRA's and requested online and via the phone to have my reports mailed to me. (It wasn't a user friendly process at all.)

Got two letters from each of the CRA's, totaling 6 letters. One letter confirmed that a fraud alert has been placed and that I'm entitled to a free copy of my report.

Other letter said I've already gotten my free report for the year. I haven't gotten diddly-squat.

Other than that not making a lick of sense, I have a couple of questions.

Can I just send each CRA a letter along with a few proofs of ID and tell them I want my credit report that I'm entitled to? Or is there a special form that needs to be filled out?

Do CRA's have records of past reports? Or do they only have a current version? For instance, if I wanted a copy of my reports from one year ago, would they have the ability to get it for me?

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