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Ok here my story I need a bit of help new at this.

I pulled my report and there was a creditor named unifund,

what does this mean? I have never had a acoount with these people and never opened a account during this time period?

Date opened Nov, 2005 Date of last activity Dec, 2005 Account number XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Account type Unknown - Credit Extension, Review, Or Collection Credit limit Not Reported Terms 1 Month Credit Type Installment Account holder Individual also showing I had made payment in 06 then late again in 07 FALSE havent made a payment to OC since 03/03

No contact information provided by Experian

Balance Current Status Past Due Amount $4,252 Account seriously past due date/account assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection department $4,252 So I disputed with the cra as not mine acc.

The CRA experian came back verified as a account I had long ago with the oc's name updated of 8/07 and under acc history Collection as of May 2006 to Aug 2007, Dec 2005 ???? What do I do Now?

Do I DV Unifund????

Please Help I do not know what to do next?/

Thank You

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