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Teaching a money lesson

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I got my mail tonight, and in it was a check from Orchard bank....the envelope said Check enclosed. My son was excited...it was for one of their dippy services "Just for me" I told my son to read the whole terms of service

and after 10 agonizing minutes of reading outloud and discussing terms and meanings...he said Mom this says if you cash this check they can charge 119.00 to your credit card

I said yeah, thats why I was not interested...

He said well isn't that a ripoff?

I said well it might be, depends on if you need their service or not

He says, I wonder how many people will cash the check without reading?

I told him that what they plan, thats why all the terms of service are buried in the fine print

He said even I can read and understand why don't people read?

I said to them it's just free money....

He laughed and said I'm glad I have a smart Mom...

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Have to teach them young! My son just turned 6 and he is starting to learn "WHAT" money actually is.

He gets his allownace and he can buy whatever he wants but when it's gone he cannot get his icecream at the store until his next allownace...The first couple of times that was NOT a good experience.....

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Here is a question I have wondered. Since RE is not binding in many states, can't you just write "I do not agree." or whatever your state allows, and cash it?

For example, RE is not legal in Florida at all.

Cali requires a 15 day notice, if I am not mistaken...

I wonder...

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I have always taught my kids to read the fine print and find the best deal, etc. You should see them shopping for school clothes this year. "Naw, that's too expensive..." I gave them a budget and they decided if big ticket items were worth it on their own. My son, who really wanted some designer clothes, decided to pick out one outfit from his favorite (expensive) store that was on sale, and spend the rest at Old Navy, etc. I was so proud I could pop. :)

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