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Got my Orchard GOLD card...

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Hi folks,

I finally got my Orchard Gold card, lol! It's the unsecured card w/ a 300 cl. Here's the overall junk...

The customary purchase APR is 14.90%

If I go over my limit or fail to make a payment on time...the default rate is 30.49%! (Ouch, ok-I get the message-lol)

There is a 79.00 yrly fee associated w/ this card. All the more reason to keep that utilization LOW, LOW, LOW. Overlimit fee-30.00, Returned payment fee 30.00, Returned check fee 30.00, Stop payment fee 29.00, research fees, replacement fee (5.00). etc, etc...wow...25 day grace period, min 2.00 finance,...credit limit increase fee is 50% of the amount of credit limit increase! WHOA! If you close this acct and leave a balance, they'll charge ya a 3.50 per month fee (used to be called maitenance fee)...

But I am happy...just wanted to go over the agreement.


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Just don't be late and you'll have no worries....I pay online it posts in a day or 2, they have a rush payment option as well, but that costs more.

It's a good start...keep the usage low and they will report to all 3 cra's.

You need to rebuild, take your time

Congrats by the way....8-)

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I think I'd rather keep my secured. It doesn't report secured, the annual fee is only $49, APR 14.9%, and CLIs are free - because I make them myself whenever I deposit more money in the savings account. In addition, I simply have a savings account that I am not touching, which is good, too.

I got my secured card up to $1800 now and it's done wonders for my score, as well as making OTHER creditors think I'm ok to give a higher credit limit.

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