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To pay or not to pay... help with last collection acct!


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Ok so hears the deal. A collection appeared on my report in April of 07 for an account the CA apparently has had since June of 04. Why they waited this long to report it, who knows.

Anyway, this is an old Comcast debt for $270 through the CA. I called comcast and am able to pay them directly (they are asking for $285 confused: ) to get this paid off, but that would not get it off my report. The CA tells me they will not remove it unless comcast tells them to, even if I pay in full (I talked to 4 different people there). Comcast states they do not deal with anything other than payments and cannot offer to report it to the bureaus as paid or deleted or anything (talked to several people there as well, including a supervisor).

My questions are... being that this is a small account, would it be best to just pay this off and accept the updated "paid" status, or would it be best for my credit to let it sit. It was first reported in April of 07, so it is still relatively new. How would it effect my credit to update it to "paid"? Also, if I pay the OC, would I have better luck getting this removed from my credit through disputing the debt even though it is the CA that is reporting it?

Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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My Fico jumped up over 150 points when my last collection came off so a deletion is what you want.

First off,

it stays on your report for "only" 7 years from the DOFD (date of first delinquency).

Just because they started to report this late does not matter. In fact if they try to say the DOFD was a different date than it actually is- that is a violation.


DV them immediately via CMRRR ( include in your letter: 1. your contact info and 2. inform them that all calls are recorded) and buy a recording device.


If that doesn't get it removed, always go for a PFD (only in writing- unless

they state it on your recorded call with them) Personally I don't mind talking to CA's if the calls are recorded because it is so much easier to get them on violations. Oh.. and if you do talk to them, don't tell them the calls are recorded because your letter already told them.


If that method of PFD fails... and you want this 'off your chest'

do an RE check and pay the account in full.

I did an RE check in WA state (via PIF) with success.

Good Luck...


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I also had a Credit Protections collection acct for an old cable bill. I DV'd them and they disappeared!

What information did you request in your DV letter?

I have been looking up lots of sample letters, but I also have been reading that those letters contain too many things that the CA do not have to include. I would like to keep it as simple as possible yet REQUIRE them to validate as much as possible and not just send me a copy of a bill (is that even validation?). I could really use some ideas.

If it helps at all, I know the cable company does not have any information on my account other than the acct number, date they sent to collections, and the amount owed. They do not have any kind of payment history for the account anymore. The amount owed was like $185, and they claim there was unreturned equipment at which the rep tells me he assumes that costs $100 as that is what they charge today, giving me a total of $285. The CA is collecting for $270.

Also, I still have the option to pay through the OC. If I pay the OC, does the CA have to remove their entry from my report, or can they legally just change it to "paid"?

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It was VERY simple. It said something to the effect:


I have reviewed my credit report and noticed your agency is reporting that I owe you a debt. I am not aware of this debt and under my rights under the FDCPA, I request that you validate this debt.

That was it!

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