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is providian reporting inaccurately?

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Providian, recently purchased by washington mutual ( now the new OC) is reporting that i am:

180 days late

120 days late

180 days late

on a credit card to the 3 cras...

Yet the account has been purchased by portfolio who is constantly threatening to sue me and raising the amounts that I owe monthly and reporting it as an installment loan.

here's where I try to get a little stupid??!?!?!

If the OC isnt reporting it as a transferred or sold account then they are in violation (1)?

If in fact they are in violation, then any interest that has accrued through the said CA is also a violation... as the said account has yet to be reported as sold(2)?

And the fact that they are reporting it as an installment loan is also a violation (3)?

I already DV'ed with the CRA's in reference to inaccurate reporting (as installment) and it came back verified....

So could someone please go over the steps below and tell me where I'm right or wrong?

1) send three letters to the CRA's stating that both the OC and the CA are in violation with the issues listed above?

2) remind them of the complete and accurate necessity?

3) and remind them of their improper investigation procedures from before???

I love you all!!!! Thanks for the repeated attempts to help me through this!!

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If the account was sold to portfolio OC can report, they must report closed/sold 0 ballance. They can report payment history.

The CA can likely keep charging the interest rate for the card plus allowed late fees, over the limit fees and just about anything else allowed in the user agreement for the card.

The installment account listing is of great debate, some professionals (bud hibbs for one) seems to think it is alright. I for one disagree.

It sounds like you have disputed with the CRA's already and it's been verified. Next step is a dispute with oc (follow link at top of page) with providian, likely they will ignore it. They have ignored both of mine. Just keep copies of the letter and proof (CMRRR) you mailed them for later (when you sue). You'll want to dispute with the CRA's again and see if protfolio verifies again. If they do, you can sue them but I suggest talking to a lawyer.

Also, if the debt is still with-in SOL kicking either the OC protfolio to hard may wake them up enough to get a lawsuit filed.

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