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What Special Rules are there for Repo's


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Took out a 21000 car loan in fall of 2004. Daughter totaled car in January, 2006. Lender was Consumer Portfolio Services.

Car Insurance paid CPS.

Gap Insurance paid CPS.

Extended Warrenty Insurance disputed the claim for refund. Claimed mileage was too low.

This left me owing CPS 1900. I explained situation to CPS and they added 700 for fees and marked my account as charge off/Repo in March of 2006.

The Extended Warrenty Insurance is now going to pay 1600 to CPS. I offered them a additional 1000 to settle the account and report it as "Settled" and remove all the "Charge off/Repo" comments. They refused and offered "Paid in full after Charge Off/Repo". This gains me nothing in my opinion.

Right now I am thinking waiting out the 66 months until it comes off my CR. Question I have is will the insurance payment reset the date? THe SOL for my state is like 15 years, so what else can I expect? ARe there any other special rules for RePo's?


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