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8-) on AUG. 4, 2007 i sent out 10 registered letters, 3 to the major bureaus & the 7 to all the CA's for DV - never did r'cve green card back from EX. or AFNI, INC. the CA. is there any thing strange about this? i'm gonna call post offce tues. to follow up on delv. confirmation.(30 days will be up & still no DV from anyone) to see if they did get delvr'd. & signed, & if so, why didn't i rcve green card yet?? CONSPIRACY?? - Mmmmmm.... whatta 'u think? 'Cause after this, 'um only sendin' out DV letters one last time, then if they don't/ can't validate but still report to the CRA's.... 'um goin' in with the guns, BIIIIIGGG GUUUUUNS!!!!8-)
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