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CA's anyone??......

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ok, very important question - has n e 1, from personal 'xperience, had n e dealings with the likes of CA's such as: AFNI,INC. of Bloomington, IL., CAVALRY PORTFOLIO SVCS. of TEMPE,AZ., MAF COLLECTION SVCS. of TAMP A,FL. or PROFESSIONAL DEBT MEDIATION of JAX'VILLE, FL.?? just a few of the main "uninvited" guests' on my CR i'm waiting on DV's from, b4 i go to next step (which is 1 last DV request). then i'm threatening l'suits! would 'preciate/ welcome n e success stories (if n e !) or tactics used against n e of the above mentioned CA's. THANKS!! a lotta' u folks r on ur P's & Q's with this project - keep up ur GOOD/ HARD work - patience is a virtue - and persistance PAYS!! RIGHT OOOONNNN!!!!!!!

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