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Where to file, what state's exemptions and how to find a GOOD lawyer.


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I am considering filing BK7 but I am both unsure as to where to file (in what state), what state we have exemptions in and most important, how to locate a GOOD lawyer. We are not in dire straights and so we are lucky in that sence. We would rather pay a bit more for a lawyer and have the best outcome than try to cut corners and pay for it in the end.

So, how do you find the very best BK lawyers?

and more specific, where do we file? And under what states exemption do we fall? and most of all, what does "exemption" mean? I will be more specific.

Time line:

1972 to 1993 Lived in Virginia.

July 1993 to July 1998 Lived in California.

July 1998 to July 1999 lived in Florida.

July 1999 to November 2002 lived in Virginia.

Nov 2002 to June 2003 lived in Florida.

June 2003 to August 2006 lived in Virginia.

August 2006 to August 2007 lived in Florida.

August 2007 to present and (hopefully) distant future, live in Georgia.

We own a condo in Florida that we WANT them to take. We planned on buying a property in Georgia and making it our primary residence and using the exemption to keep that home. Can we do this? Own a home, as a primary residence in Georgia, file in Georgia (after living here 6 months) and use whatever exemption we are allowed for equity in whatever state we are allowed, to keep our home in Georgia?

Most of all though, how do you find the best lawyer and in which state do you suggest we find them?



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Exemption means, the amount of equity you are allowed to keep in a secured asset. It also applies to things like personal property, retirement accounts,etc. Here are Ga.'s and Florida's exemptions.



Under bk reform. you will need to be a resident of Ga. for 2 years to use Ga. state exemptions. However, since Fl. allows an unlimited exemption for home owners, that may not make much difference.

Your district will have a web site that lists the bk trustees. Many of them work both sides of the street. I'd try and get an appointment with a few of them.

From your earlier post, I recall you have some equity from the home in Fl.You don't have a cut and dried bk. You are going to need to do something with it. Someone mentioned retirement accounts. Also, insurance products in the form of annuities are good. O. J. Simpson isn't in Fl. just for the golf. He has $4MM worth of tax defered annuities that creditors can't touch and he hasn't even filed bk.

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