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HSBC American Express Card

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Hello everyone! I just wanted to post about this card, and see if anyone has a good relationship with HSBC. I just got a pre-approved letter from them, but I'm hesitate to call because I recently placed a fraud alert on my CR's, and my inquires on my CR's are pretty high (TU- 10, EX- 7, EQ- 5). Plus, I have 3 baddies on my credit report and I didn't know if I should go for it with this card or not. I have until Oct. 16 to reply. Go for it or shred it? Thanks guys and gals!

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heres a disclaimer

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I'm trying to decide if I should apply for this or not, but I recently placed a FA on my CR's, so I feel I'll get a FAT DECLINED! :) And I believe they pull EX or EQ which has the lowest inquires on them, but I was trying to hold out on applying for anymore credit until 2008. What to do??? :confused:

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