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unloaded on OC with both berrels, court is last stop.


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Today, I decided I have had it with the run around from a OC. They say they are transfering me to someone in house, and I end up connected directly to Arrow who only wants money or disconnected.

I have sent 3 dispute with O/C letters to them (the last one today, with copies of the other 2 and there CMRRR copies and a strong fix it, or else) I have disputed with TU and EX three times (just got the last one started.. 4 reps at EX to get it going, TU 2 reps) I filled BBB complaint, FTC complaint, AG complaint (my state, their states) I called them "you had this account from this date, to this" I said PROVE IT they said, we don't have records, gave them to arrow. (arrow don't have um either, that is why they are not on my reports) oh ya, I got that on tape, including their "this call maybe monitored or recorded"

Might be headed to court, I'll likely look up a lawyer, i don't want money (well. .ya. it'd be nice) i just want that CO off my reports.

Oh ya, why today? DOFD 08/01/01.. SOL 6 years in Minnesota. I can kick that dog till he wants to bite, but uhh.. won't matter much.

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