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tax lien jurisdiction

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My wife recently was assessed a $9000+ tax bill for unpaid tax from '96. We tried to get it waived by using a company that advertizes nationally w/o success. We've almost got it paid off($700 left) and we noticed on her recent report that the Fed filed a tax lien in March in the county/state that we used to live in(VA) we moved in Dec. to Arizona. Is there a way of getting this removed as a jurisdictional thing because we moved more than 90 days before the tax lien was filed? We are trying to buy a house in Dec. and need to have a clean report.

UPDATE:I think I found the answer on the IRS site. Since we had already entered into a payment agreement the lien should not have been filed and therefore should be with drawn. They have a Tele. number to call for this. Wish me luck!

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