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Citi/ LVNV/ Resurgent


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I had written about this account about a month ago. But on 8/21/07 LVNV popped up and inserted this as an installment loan with the same odd listings as others have recently posted. It is stating it was opened in 6/07 and I am sure that I opened this account in 9/02 with Citifinancial and defaulted in 7/05.

I have been playing chase with CA on this account. I found a letter dating 10/11/06 that this account is paid in full on 7/28/06 from Resurgent Capital stating the previous creditors as HSBC (citifinancial) and LVNV Funding acct "7001---- (the original acct number).

Citifinancial has it listed as unpaid with acct # 607**** for $2834.

LVNV has it listed as unpaid with acct # A4309***** for $2834.

Collection letters I have:

Telewire for Citifinancial 7/26/06 - I called said it was not mine. Acct"4309***.

RAB Inc 6/13/2007 - DVed 6/20/07- found a hole. actt # 944***

Philips and Cohen 7/17/07 - DVed 7/24/07- found the same hole. A4309****

No letter- LVNV - DVed last week. Disputed with CRA 9/4/07. Waiting for reply.

That is it.

These people are collecting on an account that I have a letter stating it is paid. Now my questions.

1. With different account numbers on the same account. Would it even be worth sending a letter to dispute it with a receipt to the CRA's?

2. Should I wait for the results of the current investigation or send this to add to the investigation?

3. Should I write a letter to LVNV with a copy of this letter?

4. If I should do that (while in DV period), what should I say?

I appreciate your input.

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