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Stipulation of Agreement- New York

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Hi Forum,

I have three judgements against me. I have filed an Order to Show Cause to Vacate judgements on all. My answer is I was living out of state at the time, and one summons was mailed to an old address. I had all the check and balances in place, change of address and so on. Lost in the mail always works. Even the judge said that. Anyway, I feel there is a good chance that I will have these judgements vacated--only to be served once again with a new complaint. All these debts have been validated. My question is, I feel that the plaintiff really do not want to start the process over and that I have the upper hand to negotiate a stipulation of settlement. At court the plaintiffs all adjourned the cases trying to frustrate me. The judge said try to work it out. They all agreed to vacate the judgements, if I agreed to a stipulation of settlement. Here's my concern, even if the judge vacates the judgements, and we agree to some sort of stipulation...the judge says that the plaintiff will mail to me a copy that the debt was paid. This letter is worthless to me because the CB will not accept or delete any information coming from me. So how do I negotiate this in my stipulation? How can it be worded for me to benefit and the plaintiff to satisfied? I'm due in court next week.



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