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Question on SOL


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I pulled my Equifax credit report and I noticed the following information for the CA Arrow Financial the question I have is when does the statue of limitations start from the date of last activity 07/2004 or the Date Major Delinquency First Reported: 04/2007. Also I check on the SOL for Open Accounts in NJ (which is for a credit card I think) and in NJ SOL is 3 yrs on open accounts so does this mean that the SOL ran out in 07/2007 or does it run out in 04/2010. Thanks.


5996 W Touhy Ave

Niles, IL 607144610

Account Number: AFS ASSIG-3662XXXX Current Status: COLLECTION


Account Owner: Individual Account. High Credit: $502

Type of Account : Open Credit Limit: $0

Term Duration: Terms Frequency:

Date Opened: n/a Balance: $699

Date Reported: 06/2007 Amount Past Due: $699

Date of Last Payment: Actual Payment Amount: $0

Scheduled Payment Amount: $0 Date of Last Activity: 07/2004

Date Major Delinquency First Reported: 04/2007 Months Reviewed: 2

Creditor Classification: Activity Description: n/a

Charge Off Amount: $0 Deferred Payment Start Date:

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I believe that I was deliquient before that date. But how do I go about finding out exactly when I was deliquient. I sent the DV letter to the CA and because I was out of the 30 day window they told me that they received my letter for validation but it only applies to the 30 day window and that they can still collect. But the CRA verified the TL.

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TransUnion verified the account but I sent 2 letters to Arrow FInancial for DV and they haven't replied to me. So I sent another letter to TransUnion stating how could they verify the account when I haven't received any DV on 09/01. DO I wait the 30 days from when TransUnion received or what?

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You might want to try sending them a Dispute letter demanding for an investigation and stating that you want ALL information they have on this account. They MUST respond to this request in 30 days otherwise they risk a violation. You should be able to either get the information you need or start racking up violations against them for future use. ;)

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