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Newbee here needs advice, please...


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Hi everyone,

I am so glad that I found this site!!

I am trying to repair some of my bad credit after some a past divorce really messed me up.

Anyway, I am finding all of your advice so very helpful! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and experiences!

I have an old credit card from Capital One that was charged off in 2004 for around $868.00 (original credit limit was $500, everything else is fees). I just rec'd a letter from an attorney stating that the amount owed is $1440.00. First off, I did find this to be a legit atty, not like some I have found. Anyway, can they sue me for more than what the original company charged off? Doesn't the interest and fees end at charge off?

I am in Indiana and the SOL won't be running out anytime soon. I am prepared to send a Verification Letter. Since this attorney and the debt is legit, should I bother doing that?

Will the courts allow them to get more than the orginal charge off amount?

Thanks for your advice!!


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Sure they can sue for fees and whatnot. It's prob just another CA pretending to be an actual law firm, they often use rent-a-awyers to intimidate consumers.

Anyhow, I'd suggest you contact CapOne and try and settle the debt before you do get sued.

Oh and you should pull all your credit reports and make sure you don't have any joint credit left on there with your ex. You don't want someone coming after you for a debt that isn't your's.


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