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SARMA collections (kind of long)


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For anyone who has any collections accounts with SARMA (San Antonio Retail and Merchants Assoc): In early May I began working on improving my credit score like most (all?) of us here but I had done a lot of things on my own before really reading and finding out the info this site has to offer. Anyway, I had 2 accounts with SARMA for medical bills. I contacted SARMA to make payment arrangements. The woman I spoke with said once all payments had been received they'd remove the collections from my credit reports. The payments for June & July were made. In mid-August I received a check from them for $26 for over payment. I thought that was odd. Then they didn't deduct the August payment (I did checks by phone). I called them a couple of weeks ago to find out what was going on. The guy I spoke to was very nice and helpful. He said the one account was paid in full and the other had been given back to the original creditor on June 18. I then asked if the one acct. was paid, when would it be removed from my reports. He gave me a fax number and asked me to send a copy from my credit reports that stated it was still a negative item. I did that and that account was deleted from my credit reports by that same evening. :shock:

The second account was still listed as negative so last night, just on a whim, I emailed SARMA and asked if they could delete it since they no longer owned it. I had an email from them this morning that basically said that should've already been removed but they would submit it again. Tonight, I checked and it has been deleted. Yay! :D

So I guess the point of this is to say, sometimes it doesn't hurt to contact a collection agency.

Oh, I also received a credit card in the mail today from WaMu, the limit is $3,000. :shock: I couldn't believe it....I still can't. lol

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