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am I in the clear?


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Medical collection DOFD is 8/2001.... I was getting ready to do the "past SOL dance", but I am getting confused. SOL is supposedly 6 years (although I can't find it in state law, just what other sites say). Is it from 180 days past DOFD or is it from the date itself? Where did I get 180 days?

And if this is now officially past SOL, then do I let the nutcase letters fly at em from all sides?

Or since it is time barred and no longer "collectable", then can I use HIPAA to get them to remove? I wanna say that I might have read something about not being able to report medical if it was paid or past SOL....

Thoughts anyone?

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listed with West Asset Management


DOFD 8/2001

Assigned 2/2002

Date Opened:02/2002


Reported Since:08/2001

so I guess it wasn't charged off? My last official Transunion in May 2007 says its an account type: open account and pay status: collection account

I have seen that hipaa link given many times, and many times there are mixed reviews on it. Some say its absolute, some say its b.s.... consfusing.

I think on the sol, I am confusing it with reporting time.

True or false ..... I have a defense of time barred (SOL 6 years in TN) if sued for this now or future (????)

True or false ..... It can report to the CRA for 7 years plus 180 days?

Do you ever feel that you are just talking a foreign language? A lot of times I post and I feel like no one "understands" me. Am I off in left field somewhere? lol, I swear credit repair is making me crazy.

For real, am I making any sense here? Should I call the men in white coats to come take me away???:confused:

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I would just dispute with the CRAs as obsolete and too old to remain on CR, remove immediately. Chances are it will be removed since it is 7 yrs old. As for you SOL it is 6 years and you don't have to worry about it till it gets sold to another JDB, THEN you can use the SOL defense. But chances are, this one will come off.

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