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Paid Collection and removing


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I am assuming that u are getting cold feet by this incorrect statement?

Just to warn you, if you dispute it you may be waking a sleeping lion. You might be better off just letting it fall off since it's coming close to age. The older an account is, the less it has an effect on your actual score.

based on the info you have provided, the TL is incorrect and out of SOL.

Do u want this off your report sooner or later? if sooner--then dispute it.

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I am new to this forum but have written on this subject for years. Once you dispute in writing and send certified mail they have 30 days from date of receipt to comply with validation. If not you can request the bureaus remove it but it is unlikely that if you do so in writing they will comply. More likely they will send letter stating the collector validated the debt.

There comes a point where people matter much more than statutes. What I mean is that you need to engage someone personally at the bureaus. This works if done correctly. Contact the 3 bureaus and ask for someone in the corporate office of each such as (Executive offices of consumer relations). Make sure they don't transfer you to the regular consumer group.

Get a supervisor and tell them the short version.

1) The Debt is not and has not been validated.

2) You do not owe it.

3) You have proof that you complied with the law and requested validation

4) You received no response.

5) They told the BBB that they would delete if paid but do not have proof of the debt in the first place.

The EOCR (Executive Office of Consumer Relations) Rep will contact the collector and ask if they in fact sent proof. They will tell the EOCR that the debt is owed but will acknowledge that the proof wasn't sent. 9 out of 10 times the EOCR deletes the account because long term there would be no way to validate in compliance with the FDCPA. It will help for yout to fax your copy of the request for proof to the EOCR rep with the certified return receipt.

This takes personal skill. Phone skills. Very little talking. Don't tell the big long story. Prepare the EOCR rep that the collector will state the debt is owed once called. That you need their help. The better the rest of your report looks the more likely they are to assist and delete.

The BBB is worthless and the AG can't do much either. Even if they did it could take years. A lawsuit could be costly for such a small debt.

Last point: If they will give a letter in advance of payment stating that "any reporting of the debt to any credit bureau or 3rd party will be DELETED it is worth doing in most cases.

Best of luck,

Steve Blisko

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