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I need an "far" East side Houston AC repair guy


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dd doesn't answer her phone..typical.

there's a little hardware store i used to buy a lot of plumbing /elec. stuff from on south main just south of downtown laporte. i think it's ca lled harvey's or something similar. he knows about every tradesman in laporte, and could steer you to someone who wouldn't have a lot of overhead and kill you with the hourly rate.

best i got on short notice.:?

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Is it La Porte Hardware? That it the only one I know of down that way. I usually go west to Deer Park or Pasadena, since I am technically closer to those places.

Reason I am so leary....everything we fix around here I feel I've been taken.

I went through AC problems on 2 cars...one fixed...one a thousand later still no air. Last year they said eventually I will have to replace furnace and AC

and I said ok, give me an estimate. One guy said 4k for just the furnace and another 3 for the AC. Another guy said 4600 for the whole mess...ya see?

Sigh.............know we need to replace all this stuff.....................but we do have bills.

As to the house... I just read that I could have a dirty evaperator coil, or be low on freon , or a duct may be collapsed, etc.

Ok a friend knows a guy, and was going to contact him today and see if he can come by. But if your DD calls you back, I still would like the info, cause the day is young.

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to get u by on borrowed time ...if u have a leak, find someone to put in a leak sealant called" one shot"..it costs a hundred bucks for the can , but its liquid gold for stopping leaks in a condensor or evaporator coil..i use it on service calls for my customers..

a condensor or evaporator coil leak cannot be repaired like a car's radiator,

it must be replaced if the sealant doesnt work...

"frozen somethin"..i take it to mean you see ice on a coil?

if so , it means theres a low charge, dirty coil, low blower speed or low ambient temperature....all will result in ice buildup on a coil

....if thats not what you meant, then nevermind:wink:

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Probably a dirty inside coil. And more than likely it could use a bit of freon too. Can't they usually?? The outside has been totally cleaned.

I found a guy to come over late this afternoon.

Last year had a tech out to clean and service and all that stuff, and he took that little blue mesh looking filter out of the unit. Told me it reduced air flow.

In hindsight, I think my problem may be coming from that not being there and letting dirt through. So...dirty coils. I have it running now. It's cooling nicely and not frozen at the moment.

One shot..got it. I figure

What do you mean by ambient temperature? Do I have to go look this up?

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ambient temperature refers to your outdoor air temperature at the time the unit is running...

you dont ever run the system without filters ...

besides causing a dirty indoor coil, it can cause flooding to the compressor by not enough heat being transferred from the return air to the evaporator coil...

which means the liquid refrigerant can not boil into its superheated vapor...it stays in its liquid state which goes back to the compressor and floods it out...

bottom line.....dont ever ever run without filters

if a clean filter reduces airflow that much then there are other issues going on...

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