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Dispute Process Legal Standards Applicable to CRA's as Defined by Case Law?

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I read recently on this site that there exists an appellate case from an appeal taken from a trial in federal court where trans union was a party. The case specifically defined what the duties are of a credit reporting agencies when investigating a dispute. I was specifically hopping to get the name of the case or the site.

As member of the bar with both personal experiences with cra's and the vicarious ones through clients the notion of bringing actions against cra's intrigues me. ::devillaugh::


Bruce /Brucefastdriver@yahoo.com

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Was it Linda Mullins vs. TU?


If you pull the docs from PACER, you'll see that she initially named EQ and EX plus a bunch of others, but they all settled. TU was the only one who fought to the end and lost.

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