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My First post. Question about CR TL's


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Hi All

Been Reading for awhile now and think I am ready to start Repairing my credit.

Not sure how to attack these Tl's.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a old juniper account,think out SOL Date of

Last Payment being 05/2003

that is listed as:

Barclay's Bank Delaware 100 S West St Wilmington DE 19801-5015 : (302) 888-1400

Date of

Last Payment


Payment Amount


Payment Amount


Past Due



Items As of

Date Reported




Terms Duration Terms Frequency


Credit Limit


Date Opened High Credit

$0 05/2003 06/2003 01/2004

Balloon Pay


Deferred Pay

Start Date


Pay Date

Charge Off


Date Maj.

Del. 1st Rptd

Date of

Last Activity

Activity Description Creditor Classification

18 Transfer/Sold

Months Revd


Account Number

Current Status - Charge Off; Type of Account - Revolving; Type of Loan - Credit Card; Whose Account - Individual Account; ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - Charged Off Account;

12/2003 11/2003 10/2003 09/2003 08/2003 07/2003


Paragon Way, Inc; Collection Reported 06/2007; Assigned 12/2003; Creditor Class - Financial; Client - Juniper Bank; Amount - $2,245 ; Status as of 06/2007 - Unpaid; Date of 1st

Delinquency 03/2003; Balance as of 06/2007 - $2,245 ; Individual Account; Account # - Address: 2101 W Ben White Blvd Austin TX 78704-7516 : (512)




Agency Address: 2101 W Ben White Blvd

Austin, TX 787047516

Date Reported: 04/2007

Date Assigned: 12/2003

Creditor Classification: Financial

Creditor Name: JUNIPER BANK

Accounts Number: 517788000056XXXX

Account Owner: Individual Account.

Original Amount Owned: $2,245

Date of 1 st Delinquency: 03/2003

Balance Date: 04/2007

Balance Owned: $2,245

Date of Last Activity : n/a

Status Date: 04/2007

Status: D - Unpaid

Comments: N/A

No TL's for Juniper?

Do I dv all 3 of these as CA?

I have disputed with CRA'S and all verified.

Thought I had to ask for Investigation from OC Who is juniper,But list Barclay's Bank Delaware as OC.

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