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Funny letter from TU Tody


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I received a letter from TU today after they verified an account on my CR and asked them what method that they used t verify the account. WHo did they talk to, what was the name of the company and so on. They told me they checked it elecrtonically and when I asked for a copy they said they don't do that and said they would send me a copy of their policy and I said fine. Here is what the letter says:

Thank you for contacting TransUnion. Our goal is to maintain complete and accurate information on consumer credit reports. We have provided the information below in response to your request.

Re: General Policy

TransUnion's procedure for investigating disputed information is to contact, by mail, electronic means or telephone, the source of information. Each source is advised of your dispute and is requested to verify the accuracy and/or completeness of the information reported.

Once the verification responses are received, the disputed information is updated accordingly. Changes are reflected on the updated credit report that is sent to you at the conclusion of our investigation. If you have any questions regarding the results of the investigation, please contact the creditor(s) directly.

Re: Verification Documents not Available

We store information in our records as it is supplied to us by creditors. When information is disputed, we are required to investigate and record the current status of the investigation. We do not provide dispute verification responses received from creditors. If you need to obtain documentation or written verification concerning your accounts, then please contact your creditors directly.

This dosen't make sense. The CA dosen't DV, the CRA verifies, and they say they can't give you any information on how they verified......lol

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Method of verification - secret credit repair tool!


The Method

After this experience, I did a little more investigation on the credit bureau's methods of investigation and someone pointed me to the Bennett testimony. Based on my own experience and what I learned, I came up with the following procedure which seems to be working for people:

Challenge the listing in the normal way.

If verified, with a copy of the investigation result in hand, call the CRA at the toll-free number listed at the top of the report. (If not, you're done, you lucky dog!)

Give the report reference number and ask for method of verification per FCRA Section 611(a)(7) .

They will have never called the OC (original creditor), but will have relied on a third party database to verify, which they may or may not admit to you. If they can't cite solid evidence like "we called the OC and they verified", ask for OC's phone number.

Call OC and ask for the records.

If the OC doesn't have them (they will typically tell you that the collection agency has them and they don't keep them), get the person's name and direct line. If they do have them, demand a copy under the new FACTA act.

If you are sent records, review them and see how good they are. If they are not conclusive, take the next step.

If the OC has no records

Call the CRA back and tell them the OC has no records.

Inform the CRA that they need to open another dispute. The new information for the disput is the name and number of the person to whom you have just called at the OC.

If they refuse, inform them you will sue for willful non-compliance under section FCRA § 616.

If they still refuse, send the information via certified letter along with an intent to sue letter. If not, they will give you a new confirmation number (write it down! and the date!). This acts as a new investigation, and the CRA has 30 days to get back to you.

If you have written records proving the OC can't back up the negative listing(s) they are reporting on your credit report

send them registered mail to the CRA along with an intent to sue letter if the account is not removed.

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Thanks for this info. Definitely something I am going to take advantage of soon. I am having the worst trouble with getting this last collection off my report that keeps coming back verified even though I know the OC has no info on it.

MOV does not work. Let me give you their reply now "please see the creditors contact information on your report to contact them directly, thank you have a nice day"

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Well, doesn't hurt to try. I have all the time in the world now and this thing is coming off my report one way or another . Nobody can prove I owe this with any kind of documentation what so ever?!

Oh...its coming off. ITS COMING OFF... :twisted:

You can try, hopefully you will get better results. But they do everything electonicly now. They likely are not going to say that computer a in our offices talked to computer D in the CA's office and they agree the information is correct.

Yes.. that is what happens.

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Next time they say that tell them your cell phone thinks the TL is wrong. The whole investigation process is a joke lately. I mean I can enter anything I want in to a computer system. The point of the dispute process is to make the DF double check their records. If they put in their CA account as installment, 120 days late of course the system is going to verify it. It is what was entered in to the computer.

The law needs to be changed, I don't care if they use a secured electronic method of transmitting the dispute, however I think a HUMAN must do a actually records check during a dispute.

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I called to find out how they verified and got the same basic thing. I asked for the phone number of the OC and was told they didn't have it, that it was listed on my report.... well in this particular instance it isn't. The negative TL is on there and the OC is listed as a bunch of initials that match no credit card, bank or anything else I can find and the list of reporting creditors at the back of the report doesn't include this company.

I've fired off letters to the BBB and AG... we'll see what happens.

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