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The Wait is Over.....Cap One GW worked!!!


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Had a 30 day late on a Cap One acct. The final baddie :evil: on my eq and ex reports. Disputed it at least 4 times. Each time came back verified. I had a legit reason for the late. I sent payment to the wrong acct. At the time I had three cap one accts.

My last effort was a Doctrine of Estoppel. That did scare the crap out of them:shock: . They sent a package stating that they needed more info. But I could not find the statements to prove the credit balance on the one acct. Never sent it back. I let the situation simmer a bit.

All this talk about the effectiveness, or lack there of, when "G-Dubs" (goodwill letters) are concerned inspired me to attempt the seemingly impossible. I will jump without a chute and hope for the best and send Cap One a gw letter.

I was able to contact the CEO. A day after receiving my correspondence his secretary called and left a message for me to call back. Oh snap!!!I called back and she began to explain how this matter should have been resolved in my favor long ago. She said she will make the adjustment ASAP.

Fantastic! However, how long will I have to wait for the cra to get and process this info. Yeah yeah 30 to 90 days whatever, ya da ya da. Frick dat since me and the secr. was so chummy I got her to fax me a letter explaining the situation. I want to dispute again with the letter to speed things up a bit.

However, she cannot send me a copy of an actual letter sent to the cra because....get this....there is no letter she sends to them. She sends them an electronic code for them to make the adjustment. So I'm thinking sh*t this is going to take forever....right!?

No, No, No, I checked ex a half day after talking to the sec. Bang!! BOOM!! POW!! 30 day late.........Gone!!:rolleyes:

You want to get CapOne...well this is what you do. They pull a knife on you, you pull a gun on them. They send one of yours to the hospital, you send one of theirs to the morgue. Thats the CIC way. Thats how you get CapOne.::BigGun::

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What's it worth to you? Let's make tis fun.

First, I need you to tell me where the qoute at the end of the post came from. Movie, actors, year, director, and any other details.....8-)

Then, tell us your cap one situation. I made it easy for you. You are lucky I like you!!!:D

Its from the Untouchables! 8-)

I admit that I got help from a co-worker. I knew it was a gangster film though..

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