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Experian Results Weird


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I got an automated email a bit ago re Cranky's disputes. They have one

says verified and updated 8/07..yet the actual report doesn't have an update. Still says last reported 2003. :( CO from 02. We don't recognise this account, yet it keeps coming back verified.

The big nasty one says PENDING....results due September 21st. this is Asssssssssssssssset of course :(

NOTHING at all about the last nastygram we sent one month ago tomorrow, regarding the one name that is still there that is not and has never been anything he was known as. We have sent no less than 3 letters to them about this and still they won't budge. It cannot be historical, because we've never had anything under that spelling with the initial. (and he has no middle initial or name)

So here I sit wondering how an investigation can produce results when it isn't complete. They've not done this halfway thing before.

These are the last 2 we are trying to get rid of for him. Sigh..............

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