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Help!!!! I Need To Know What This Means


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I received a letter today from the attorney that is representing capital one for an account against me stating there are 3 stipulations discontinuing action against me.

The letter stated says " It is hereby stipulated and agreed, by and between the undersigned, the attorneys of record for all the parties to the above entitled action, that whereas no party hereto is an infant or incompitent party has an interest in the subject matter of the action, the above entitled action be, and the same hereby is discontinued without costs to either party as against the other. This stipulation may be filed without further notice with the clerk of the court. A fascimile signature shall be deemed an original for purposes of filing this stipulation with the court."

What does this mean??

Should I sign and send the three copies of the same letter back, or just forget about it??

What is the best case scenario?

I dont know what to do next? Help please. Thank you

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