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When does a collection account goes back to the OC??


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Hi there, what you are quoting may have been something I wrote. Not sure, b/c I too read something similar on this board when I wrote it in response to something.

Basically, what I read was that if you DV a CA (assuming OC still owns the debt), if they don't/can't/won't produce validation for whatever reason, they'll just send it back to the OC. So that was what I was referring. In addition, a banned member on here had written regarding a particular creditor and maybe a couple and gave some general time frames the CA will have it before giving up. Basically I think he claimed it was 45-60 days or so, can't remember off the top of my head.

But from my experience, this did not work for me. I was waiting for a CA to stop trying to collect, they kept trying after 5 months, they were calling relatives/harassing so i felt my only option to stop that was to DV them, which I did. They did give up at that point but pretty quickly afterwards it got passed to a CA/lawyer.

So I don't think there is any way to tell and I'd assume every creditor is different. Plus they don't announce it. Only way I can think of going about it would be to call the OC frequently, like once a week, see if you can ever get them to talk to you or if they keep forwarding you to the CA.

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every company is different and it could even vary on the type of account.

(how the debtor is responding, assets, jobs, etc)

if an account does go back to the OC. I'm sure most OC's have a system

in place to instantly shift it to another CA or sell it to a CA. The transition happens in a blink of an eye.

So if anyone has hopes that their account will get kicked back to a OC so they can deal with the OC, don't bother. If they wanted to deal with you

they wouldn't have sent it to collections.

The longer you wait to deal with a CA account the balance only

gets higher and higher, with more and more fees....

IIWYIW deal with it now


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I had a citifinancial account. Dv'ed ca, new CA. DV'ed new CA, new CA... DV'ed.. CA attorney... DV'd... back to OC. Maybe it depends on the connections of the CA trying to collect. When they run out of their little network, maybe they give it back. I am still waiting on other results because this happened 2 weeks ago. I knew because OC pulled my credit and I have received no other dunning letters. Hope that helps.

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