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denial letter from juniper airtrain (pulled TU)

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Thank you for your recent application for a credit card issued by Juniper Bank, member of the Barclays Group.

We regret that we're unable to approve you for a credit card account due to the following reason(s):

Too few accounts with sufficient satisfactory performance

LOL I actually wanted this airtran card becuase they offer inexpensive flights in my city.

just wanted to share in case anyone else was applying for it. :)

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I got the same letter and reason...this was before I got all new TL's reporting.

When I applied all I had was 1 positive TL from 2001 and my SL which is in rehab ( so its still negative)

I am going to try again in 6 months and see how it goes.

Anyone know what what be suficient timing for this 6 months? 12 months?

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