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a little help with PFD


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My husband and I have 4 accounts in collections. We are trying to buy a house and they must be paid before our loan can be approved. I have disputed with the CRA's, all came back verified, I know we owe the money. All of the accounts are at least 4 years old. I sent all the collection agencies PFD and have heard NOTHING. What now?? I have the money in my account to pay the debts, should I call the CA's and tell them I am willing to pay, but they must sign the PFD forms I sent them??

any advice would be helpful

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Credit Repair and PFDing is a game of patience.

If you need a a loan right away ... a PFD may not happen.

If they refuse and 'crunch time' approaches..... the least you need to do is send an RE check.

oh.. and don't tell them that you need this cleared up because you are getting a loan... this reduces your chances for a PFD....however.. they may already figure that out by your CR.

The fastest way to a PFD

IIWYIW express mail a letter informing them that all your calls are recorded.

then I would call them the following day after they receive that notice and

try to work out a deal... never be desperate to pay them.

In fact be elusive, and somewhat aloof....

try to make them angry, (that's when the violations fly).

try to get them to agree to a PFD over the phone.

After a CA violates the law, suddenly they become a whole lot more cooperative to your requests :-)

If they agree to a PFD over the phone ( after notification) it is a solid agreement and can be used in court.

Good Luck..


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I sent out another round of PFD's this morning. I am hoping that they will just sign the damn forms and send them back, so I can pay these and move on!

I talked to my loan officer and he said just get two PAID and we will approve your loan. But I am being stubborn and will not pay anyone unless they agree to delete. I also got him to "temporarily" remove the inquires from my CR, so the CA's can't look and see I am trying to get a home loan.

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