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Hillis v. Equifax Consumer Services,

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Hillis v. Equifax Consumer Services, Inc. and Fair Isaac Corp.,Case No. 1:04-CV-3400 (USDC, ND GA) and

Slack v. Fair Isaac Corp. and MyFICO Consumer Services, Inc.,Case No. 1:07-CV-314 (USDC, ND GA)



A federal court has directed that this notice be sent to inform you of the status of the Settlement of the lawsuits identified above against defendants alleging violations of federal and state law with respect to the marketing, advertising and sale of certain credit score and credit monitoring offerings.

In March, April or May, 2007, you were provided with notice of the proposed Settlement, a description of your rights and obligations, and your options. The purpose of this Notice is to inform you that the Court has approved the Settlement, and it has become Final.

Under the terms of the Settlement, Class Members are eligible to receive Score Watch - free for 3 or 6 months. In order to receive the free months of Score Watch, you need only submit an Authentication Form either on-line or by mail.

Score WatchTM is offered for sale by both Equifax and Fair Isaac. It monitors a consumer’s Equifax credit file and FICO® score, and provides up to two Equifax Score Power reports. The current retail value of Score WatchTM is approximately $7.95-8.95 per month.

If you have already submitted an Authentication Form, you do not need to do anything else.

If you have not submitted an Authentication Form and wish to receive the free months of Score Watch, you must submit an Authentication Form by November 20, 2007. This Authentication Form is necessary to assure that Equifax, Fair Isaac and Class Members’ privacy rights are protected and to assure that only Class Members receive the free Score Watch. An Authentication Form may be obtained on-line at www.hillisslacksettlement.com, by calling 800-262-0454 or by sending a written request to the Settlement Administrator at Hillis Slack Settlement, c/o The Garden City, Inc. P.O. Box 9114, Dublin, OH 43017-4114. Your Authentication Form must be submitted on-line or postmarked (if sent by mail) not later than November 20, 2007.

Beginning on or about December 5, 2007, the Settlement Administrator will begin distributing Benefit Codes by emailto all eligible Class Members who timely submit an Authentication Form. A Benefit Code is simply an alpha-numeric code provided to you by e-mail with a link to a website maintained by Equifax or Fair Isaac where all you will have to do to receive your free Score Watch is complete the authentication process and plug in the Benefit Code. You will not be asked to purchase anything. The Benefit Code Notice will contain information on how to obtain your free months of Score Watch. The distribution of the Benefit Codes will be staggered over a 6 month period. Benefit Codes will be distributed in alphabetical order. Information about the status of the distribution of the Benefit Codes will be available at www.hillisslacksettlement.com.

To get complete information about the Settlement, the Authentication procedures, and the deadlines, you may visit www.hillisslacksettlement.com. Do not contact the Court.

Please do not reply to this message. We are unable to respond to inquiries sent in reply to this email. To contact us, please access the official Settlement Website at www.hillisslacksettlement.com.

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