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Hello again,

In June my wages began being garnished by local atty/dc for Cap One. My prior posts stated that the original judgement was made in a court out of my jurisdiction, but in VA you only have 1 year to vacate and I didn't find this site until after that one year period. Anyway, I was served a summons to appear in Richmond (I live in Norfolk) on 9/14 pertaining to the garnishment.

Needless to say, all my summer money went to the gar. and the total amt has been collected. Do I still need to appear in court since the total amount has been collected? I tried to call the Clerk of Court only to get an answering machine which states to leave your name and #, but they will not call back any long distance #s. I definitely didn't want to call the local atty/dc to ask if I had to show up. I would have to take the day off from work and go to Richmond the night before to be there for the 8:30 hearing. If I did show up, could there be any chance of having it thrown out due to being filed and obtained in the wrong jurisdiction?

How should I proceed?

Thanks again to all advice givers.

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