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Just for fun (you know you're a credit redneck when...)

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OK-I'll bite....

You know your a credit redneck when you qualify for a $200 Target or Walmart and your first purchase is a case of pork rinds and budweiser to celebrate!

You know your a credit redneck when you are offered a large unbelieveable credit line and start to run game shows on CIC. Oh, and you change your name to whoitzis.....:)

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Thats why I love this board.

You know your a credit redneck when:

You can burp a baby and apply online for credit at the same time.

When you call experian to chat with your friends

A credit redneck!!!!!! Love it. And running to the mailbox with chocolates was hilarious too! I almost spit out my coffee on "your dogs have perfect credit".

A CREDNECK!!!! Genius....

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ya know your a credit redneck when....

You only use the cards that post online, then you run home and log on to see how much you need to pay and pay in full smiling

when you keep track if utilization if toilet paper...it's ok you can have more than 10% of a roll

you make crossword puzzles if credit terms...you might be a credneck

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