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BK7 Dsch. 2002, they still report lates, EX gives me the heave ho...


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These lamebrains they keep reporting lates on my EX (I have 70 on there now!), AFTER they were discharged IIB in my CH7 July 2002.

I disputed with EX and they verified the acct now it even shows August 2007 late!

Check this out from my FICO report:

$0 Debt included in or discharged through Bankruptcy Chapter 7, 11, or 12 Not on Record

Seven year payment history [?]

30 days late 1 time

60 days late 1 time

90+ days late 25 times (Nov 2005, Oct 2005, Sep 2005, Aug 2005, Jul 2005, Jun 2005, May 2005, Apr 2005, Mar 2005, Feb 2005, Jan 2005, Dec 2004, Oct 2004, Sep 2004, Aug 2004, Jul 2004, Jun 2004, May 2004, Apr 2004, Mar 2004, Feb 2004, Jan 2004, Dec 2003, Nov 2003, Oct 2003)

This seems wayyy wrong. I just did the online dispute with EX, trying to explain this to them in a one-liner is near impossible, I'm thinking I need to kick it up a notch and send them a real letter.

Any suggestions ???



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