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I DV'd the CA , they sent back junk! (from the other board)

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Sorry, I think this should have been on this board I put it on the collections board. Sorry for the dupe!


This CA has sent me letters repeatedly over the past 4 years+. I never responded to any of them or made a payment (old medical bill) . The SOL was up 01/07. (that's 4 years for California).

I sent them a DV letter, along with a dispute to the CRA's, last month.

Today I received a reply letter from the CA:

"Recently, you disputed the above referenced account that appears on your credit report with the major credit bureaus. We have verified that this account which was assigned on 01/03/03 is a valid debt owed by you. You may now contact our office to receive information on how to change this unpaid collection item to a more favorable rating".

"This is an attempt to collect a debt, and any information obtained will be used for that purpose".

I've read this site til the wee hours more than a few times, and not sure what my next move is. Do I have them on a violation now that they are attempting to collect an SOL debt?

Thanks for everyone's help, you guys are terrific.


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If that is all that they sent you in response to a DV, you could try a 2nd DV giving them 15 days because that was not a proper validation.. Complaint to BBB, FTC, and AG after that.... You are obviously out of the 30 day window, but try anyway. I just got an CA to come off this way even though the debt was 2 years old. Dispute again with the CRA's during the next phase.. just in case it worked.

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Everytime you can get a CA to respond to a letter is one more chance for them to screw up and violate, or send you a form letter with the 30 day window on it. If it's SOL I say keep kicking them with DV's or questions on the account and see what they send back. I have got a few CA's to screw up and send a 30 day dispute letter. Got one about a month ago on a account that was 6 years old. I'm just waiting for them to verifiy the 1-2 punch or let it be deleted. If they are smart, it'll be gone in a week or so. If not, well, they will get another letter informing them of their continued collection activity and not repyling to my timely (hahahahahahahaahahahaha) dv. After that, court.

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