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SOL on bank fees?


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guess no one knows the answer?

im guessing a bank account is viewed as a written contract??

anyway the same thing happened to me back in 2003

the bank simply sold it to a ca

i dv'd them and they verified (this was in 2005)

i responded with a negotiation letter offer to pay half with the assurance that they would not report. (it wasnt on my credit report)

they never responded to my offer and have never reported

this debt will be 5 years old soon and i have no idea what the sol is either

i pulled my chex report and telecheck...both were clean

but i was reported to national check recovery (i think thats the name cant remember for sure) and it kept me from opening new accounts at citizens bank and td banknorth. i think it remains on that report for 5 years?...again not sure

i know im not much help but thought maybe sharing my experience would atleast give you some idea of what to expect


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my guess would be that banks are considered "goods or services" under the UCC with a SOL of 4 years.

I was thinking the same thing, but when I did an internet search, not much came up.

All I saw was that in some states, the dishonored check could only be "collected" for 2 years. But, didn't find anything concrete or any lists by state.

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