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Day 1 and a little freaked out and a little anxious!


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OK, so I've decided today I am going to give this a shot. I came across this site about a year ago and thought to myself "yeah, i can do this!" and never did. When I was 18-20 I basically didn't apply for any type of credit anything. I didn't really understand the process or why it was important. Since I didn't understand it, I would occasionally not pay bills without fear of consequence. Well now, I of course, have all kinds of collections on my CR. :(

Well now this morning, I've signed up for the EQ and TU monthly monitoring service. (Didn't see one for EX, and their MyFico capabilities are limited, eerr). I got my FICO's from myfico.com and have laid out a plan of action. I wanted to post the first few steps to get critiqued by people.

Step 1: My information is incorrect on a few of my credit reports (one has my birthday incorrect!). From what I've read (and I did two weeks of reading before this post) I should dispute addresses. That is what I'm going to do first.

Step 2: Dispute the collections. I have roughly 12 bads on each. All things like Sprint PCS or an unpaid traffic ticket that is now in collections or a Cox Cable bill. I plan on disputing the collections with the CRA.

Step 3: Rejoice if even one got taken off :).

Step 4: DV CA's and wait and see.

I think at this point, I'll re-evaluate and then decide what would be best (PFD, GW Letters and such)

I know I just made it sound like four easy steps, but I'm ready to battle and be letdown in places and rejoice along the way. Wish me luck, and if there's anything I'm forget, or something you pro's would suggest differently, it is definitely appreciated!

This is an amazing resources, and I can definitely see myself getting addicted to this!

BTW, I don't really have a reason to repair my credit. I don't have a house or car purchase in mind. I guess mainly because I'm a college student and it sucks to find housing off campus when you have bad credit, but its sooooooooo much cheaper then the dorms.

FICO's BADS Inquiries

TU - 597 12 0

EX - 610 9 0

EQ - 597 8 0

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Your plan of action sounds pretty good. You did good research! Your scores are actually not that bad.. thats a good thing.

BTW, I don't really have a reason to repair my credit. I don't have a house or car purchase in mind. I guess mainly because I'm a college student and it sucks to find housing off campus when you have bad credit, but its sooooooooo much cheaper then the dorms.

You don't have to be planning a purchase to get your credit in order.. I think its enough to know that when your ready you wont be trying to fix everything in a shortened time frame... get it done now and keep it looking good. Then whenever your ready to make that purchase, nothing will be holding you back! xdancex


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thanks for the insight and encouragement! I just sent off the dispute of addresses, birthday and one collection to verify for TU. Same for EQ and EX for address. Sent CMRRR, of course! I'll get the hang of this, I can see myself getting so addicted to this!

At work, we get slow and I am able to read online and this site doesn't get blocked by our firewall so I can read and read and read! (can't post... firewall does block that) Although, I've found the less I say, the better... heh.

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OK, I have a new signature!

Just wanted to update my process. This is only after disputing with CRA's. I just received dunning letters after my disputes so I'm ready to continue this fight!

I went from no credit cards and the only reason my scores were so elevated is the student loans that are deferred and have 2+ years of "payment history" although, of course, I'm currently paying nothing.

I now have a goal. I'll be done with school in the next semester and a half and will be moving across the state to Seattle. I want to immediately buy a house! Because of this site, I'm well on my way!

Thanks everyone!

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Good luck!!! Be prepared to live at your local post office! :wink:

Address & name disputing, for me, is such a pain in the a$$. I swear they're all freakin' morons at the CRAs. Each time I get a new report, it seems like they invented a new way to spell my name.:roll:

I had those issues as well. Sent letter (copies of DL on bottom corner of each page).

Here's what I wrote:


123 Main Street

Anywhere, USA 12345


PO Box 9556

Allen, TX 75013



Report # 123456789

DOB: xx/xx/xxxx

SSN: 123-45-6789

To Whom it May Concern:

This letter serves as an official dispute of the following Experian information, which is erroneous in its entirety and per the FCRA, must be immediately removed and deleted from my reports.

Incorrect / inaccurate or duplicate “names” are as follows:

1) 2001Badyear (Item used twice, repeat see report copy items 1 and 3)

2) 2001Bid (This is not my name, middle name not spelled this way, see State Drivers License attached)

This incorrect / duplicate information has the potential and, or undesired effect, to allow identity theft to occur, and or attachment to me of information related to these names for which I’m not responsible.

If you verify either of the 2 above names, for any reason, please advise whom is reporting this inaccurate / duplicate information and Method Used to Validate, so that I may also name them in the suit. This is especially certain for item 2 above, which even if spelled correctly may not be used without proper last name.

My name is and has been the following:


Attached please find copy of my State Issued Drivers License, as required by law, to both confirm my identity and show correct spelling. Also, attached is copy of Experian report # 123456789, with erroneous information highlighted and noted.

If Experian fails to act on this gross inaccuracy by not immediately deleting entries, as permitted by law, I will use any and all legal means to rectify this situation, and protect my rights.

Your immediate attention to this matter is appreciated.



Enclosures: (2)

Worked like a charm

All three CRA's dropped easy as can be for names.

Pretty much the same letter for incorrect addresses (listed each). All 7 wrong have dropped from all three and only now have one incorrect on EX. Will go back after that with an ITS, maybe.

God, this is fun. :)

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Well, after I find a job of course. The plan is an interesting one. I took a few years off to work and have put aside about 3 thousand dollars so far in retirement accounts that I don't think is most beneficial to keep building at that point. I wont need that so I'm going to let them get to the point where I can get that money. On top of that, I have managed to save a substantial amount of money while in college. All of my summer jobs have gone into savings most of my during school employment has gone into savings or to pay down my student loans. I absolutely don't have those type of parents, its all due to my hard work and responsible outlook (once I got focused... my past credit irresponsibilities aside... those were all 5+ years ago).

The property will be an investment property. I have a history in home construction and it would be a situation where I fix up the house and in a year or two sell it for a profit, however small or large.

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:)++ Now when you mention your going to take away from retirement is this a personal savings account, IRA, or 401k. Reason I ask is because many types of retirement plans are setup where if you take money you are charged outragious fees and taxes when you file your taxes at the end of the year. Happened to my mother just thought I would say something about it lol
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Sounds like you made a lot of progress! Congrats.

Love the siggy, btw (40 more posts...I can do it!!).

I have been reading a lot too, but I you mentioned disputing mis-spelled names. Why is that important, if I may ask!



You dispute names and address because to you it might be just a miss spelling hower there may be a JaimI that lives at your address # on a different street, and next thing you know you are him, or vice versa. If it's not you then get it off your record. It also helps to do this befor you dispute as the false info is put there by reporters. So if the information doesnt match when they try to update, it makes it harder to confirm it's you.

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