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Question about First Premier Bank Account


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Just some update re progress since I started cleaning up my file in March.

-- I DV'd and got 3 CO accounts on my file successfully deleted.

-- There is one baddie left: an account from FPB that was charged off to Academy Collections, though the OC (FPB) was still reporting it to the 3 CRAs. I continually disputed the factual inaccuracies (the balance, dates etc) on the report, and it often came back verified. Curiously, I noticed that TU completed deleted the account around July of this year, and the other two are still showing, but most of the history is wiped out (have unknown). I have attached a screen shot of the current state of the account (from TrueCredit).

What should i do next about this account? Preferably, I would want it deleted by both Exp and EQ

Thanks --- Yawo

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