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What Card (New TL) Should I Add?


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I have made some minimal progress within the past 7 months, but feel I need an additional TL reporting good on my CR.

Currently, I have deleted the 3 collections that were on my CRs; I have one judgement that is satisfied -- Experian deleted this entry but still on EQ and EX; and an old FPB account that got discharged...(see my different post regarding this account)

My current TLs:

Orchard Secured: $350 (Current)

Suntrust Car Loan -- Balance of $10K; (a lot of lates in 2006 but current since Feb 07)

Bank of America visa --- Balance of $4K, Closed, but they are still taking monthly payments (a lot of lates in 2006 but current since Feb 07)

I have an additional $500 that I can use to secure another credit card. should increase the limit on my Orchard Account or apply for a different SecureCard (that does not report Secured)?

What Card will you advice--- my current FICOs and FACOs are in my signature....

thanks - Yawo

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