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News anchors breastfeeding!


Wow...never turned off the google filter before... it's like a whole new world!

Uma: I think you have to come from a different cultural background to appreciate her... I dunno... something about her dair-do near the top makes her look big-headed or out of proportion up near the top to me.

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Yes, when Kirin used to do Fox and friends, I'd flick through the channel. Then she had the kid and moved channels.

One time I was watching and they had two viewers call in back to back and instead of discussing the question they made very explicit sexual comments about Kirin. The next day they announced a time delay on phone calls. :mrgreen:

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Ok so I was a little board... keyboard fell off the desk and opened this site... turns out to be the askmen.com sexiest women of the year in the world...

Our majority favorite ranks 46 against actresses, divas, and assorted methods to fame worldwide...


Sorry, Uma's nowhere to be found!

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Hmmm... well to each his own. I can see some attractive qualities in her, but she kinda looks like a cheap MILFy ho with a lot of makeup... again JMO :-P

hahaha. she's generally nice, however, she sometimes remind me of the Seinfeld Episode where the girl looks good only in certain lights. lol I wouldn't kick her out of bed though!

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