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Need Some Help PLEASE!!!

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Hey Everyone,

I sent a Debt Validation Letter to West Asset Management on August 16 for an outstanding debt (originally from Bank of America). The SOL on this debt expired in 2005. I am now receiving phone calls from a company called C & C Associates stating that either I or my designated attorney needs to contact them about a law suit that is being filed against me.

Now, I know that the SOL has expired and they have no legal recourse for this expired debt. Can you please help me with my next step in this process?

Should I call them and advise them to send me this lawsuit in writing so I can use this against them later in the process or should I...........heck I don't know what my other options are! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It's all smoke for the most part...

You do have to realize that they can still sue you at anytime. The only thing is that you have absolute defense being out of SOL.

Did you send DV by CMRR? More than likely its untimely so they are still entitled to report and resume collection activity.


you have no reason too...Keep all communication in writing.

give it a full 30 days and followup with another DV...

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interresting, google revealed nothing about that number, and when I called it, a recording said it was a non working number.

Did they give you a different number to call?

Googling the name only showed one collection agency and here is that info:

Creative Capital Associates, Inc.

P.O. Box 1926

Silver Spring, MD 20915

301.681.0080 voice

240.526.4031 efax

unless C&C associates is a law firm they are trying to scare you with....

I am not sure how you would progress here....

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