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Credit Repair N00b..have MANY questions...


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This is my first post, so excuse me if I sound lame. I've been reading threads in the forum for the past 5+ hours & have learned a lot, but still can't find clear answers to some questions I have about my credit situation. I hope some of you credit repair Gurus can offer some good advice!...Here it goes...

First off, I screwed up..I Settled with GE Moneybank. I dodged the ruthless, door pounding, thug, repo-men for 2 yrs instead of letting them take it because I didn't want a repo on my report! So...I got a letter in writing stating the account will now say "Settled", they won't try to collect from me anymore, etc... AND they'll release the title to me after they receive payment. So, I paid the agreed amount on 7-31-07. I still have no received any title in the mail. I called the same woman I made the agreement with..she said "someone" didn't send in the paperwork or whatever, but she made sure the paperwork was sent through now..so, I should receive the title in "7-10 days"...its been 7 days since..and still haven't received any title. Is this where a lawyer comes into play now?

I paid off my Macy's acct in full, they said Macy's will issue me another credit card, so I can start rebuilding my credit with them...So I emailed them a copy of my SS card & DL, and waited the 30 days, no card OR letter of acct PIF has come...I called them back..supposedly my info was lost, etc etc. Wait another 30 days for a new card to arrive. I requested ANOTHER letter stating my acct was paid in full, and still...nothing.

I paid off Frederick J. Hahha & Associates because Bank of America kept sending me to them when I tried to pay Bank of America directly...although Bank of America is the one reporting the charge off on my credit report. I also requested a letter from them stating that I don't owe them anything & I paid in full...and amazingly..no letter from them either.

I'm asking for the letters that prove I paid my accts off because I'd like to KEEP these accounts, because they are all old accounts, and if I just disputed them & had them deleted after I paid them off, I would have no credit history.

I have 3 accts left to go..2 from Chase, and 1 from Capital one.

My next question is, should I settle with them all....since I've read that it doesn't matter whether an acct says "settled, paid, or charge off"?

I've also told the CA's that I will pay in full ONLY if all of the late payments are removed & the acct is reported as PAID on my CR...they all told me it is illegal to do that, and they cannot/will not remove any late/derogatory info from my report no matter how much I pay.

From reading the threads, I now realize they were all LYING...and I can request that an acct be deleted when paid in full. But once again, I don't want anything deleted..except for 2 years of late payments hehehe

What would be the best step to take next in my situation?? Can a OC remove late payments if you pay them?? Or should I just dispute what I've paid, and request the last 3 banks to delete the accts from my report if I pay them in full...and have NO credit history at all.

ALL of my debt is from credit cards(and the motorcycle loan)...I have no cell phone, medical, or utility bill type collections at all.

My credit score is 495, it was 760 2 yrs ago when I bought my house, before my life & credit went down the sh!tter.

Any replies or advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!!

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Hello and welcome to the boards..most members do not like to read long posts.

I will be brief

GE money bank...send them a strongly worded ITS, and do an online complaint to the BBB

Macy's call their rehab dept...try this number:800-543-9617

Crap 1---aim for 35% of the amount and work up to 50%

Chase--if they have not sold it...call and ask whether they have a rehab program

for ANY CA...ALWAYS begin with the DV process.

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