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WOW! Another victory for me!!


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First off, I want to say thank you to this board and site. I learned a lot of information here about disputing my file and have made a lot of victories.

Background is that I filed Ch 7 BK little under a year ago (will be discharged 1yr on 10/16/07). After it discharged, I got a higher paying job, got a $300 Orchard card and started rebuilding my credit. After a month or two, I got another card with a $750 limit (Applied Card Bank). Time goes on... Got some other cards, etc.. Disputed a lot of stuff on my credit reports. Everything is showing correctly.. didn't need to really have anything deleted. (I had perfect credit before the BK, just over extended but never had been late on anything and had a ton of perfect closed accts.)

As of 8/25, my FICO's were at 619-TU, 641-EQ, 660-EXP. As far as accounts, I have:

Orchard $500

Applied Card $750

Credit One $500

Hooter's $1000

Target $300

Line of Credit at Credit Union $200 - Had this before the BK, they let me keep it since it was paid off at time of filing

Abercrombie & Fitch $1000 - I had this account years ago.. Reapplied after the BK and they re-opened my old account.. so credit report shows it as 6-7 years old with perfect payments for all 7 years!!

Car Lease with VW - Got this the day I filed for BK before it hit my credit

Today - I received a pre-approval from Juniper for 8.99% fixed, no annual fee, limit upto $7500. I did the application on-line... $2,800 approved! I am so exstatic right now. Before my BK, my highest card was $3500. It has not even been 1 full year, and I am already back to where my credit was. Yes I have a huge blemish of a BK on my record, but I have many open trade lines with good records.

As soon as the Juniper card comes, I will be chopping up a bunch of the cards with fee's and just let them stay open to help my credit availability.. but I will not be using them at all.

Keep it up.. this stuff DOES work. It takes time, but it does make things happen!

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this victory updates are nice, esp since I'm so new to this... its good to see people's success.

Also, congrats on 50th post, now you can get a fun signature! (Which is my goal.. it really isn't credit repair, i just want a dang signature!)

I didnt even notice that.. I forgot about that part!! YAY :)++

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Got another Pre-approval in the mail today.. Best Buy. Did the online application, $3000 limit approved, 0% on balance txfr for 12 months. I am transferring all my low balances off my other cards and chopping them up. No more need for the cards with fees... it feels good to be in the good credit club again :)

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