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BofA reporting a cc w/ 1KCL raise TU at least 32 points


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I've had 7 inquiries in the past week, so it could have possibly been higher.

LOL at the fico bot simulator is says

too man inquiiries


open new accounts to get debt experience. :):D

12 months fron now though the inquiries won't matter and I'll have more debt experience so I'm just taking the hit now since I don't need a credit for a purchae right now.

FAKO TU is 632 with an open collection, open bank charge off, and a almost 2 year late on SM and a ton of inquiries.

Hopefully it will jump when they get around to deleting the CP fraud that is closed, the fraud bank charge off and the SM error. :roll:

I have over 30 TL of student loans, 1 target store card, this is my first revolving account bank cc tradeline ever I guess that mix of credit thing is true. :)

THANK YOU CIC :) :) :) :)

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