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Thanks and YAY!!!!!!!!!

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Just wanted to say that yesterday I got a NEW car. Zero down and we qualified for Tier 1 (no idea what that means) financing. It's all thanks to CIC!!!

Four years ago we had to put $5000 down just to get stuck with some outrageous 18% or something similarily insane interest rate.

I'm SOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!! I've been driving the same car since Nov of '99.

Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!


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We didn't pull FICOs first. DH actually suprised me. But FAKOS range from 620-650.

Got a 2008 Eddie Bauer Expedition EL.


NICE! What color? Interior? Features?

A friend of mine who filed for BK in 2004 purchased a brand new car in '05 (at the time it was a Chevy Equinox). And just a few months ago she traded that car in and bought an '08 Escape. It's a sweet car!

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I like the old classics...my old caddy, my old BMW...they just seem to get better and better....New cars are to flimsy...I want an all steel car...of I get into an accident, besides wasting my undies...I hopefully will not die...

But congrats on the new wheels...I'm just old enough to like classics...xdancex

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