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help with equifax inquiries...i did my homework

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This references the EX method of removing inquiries, discussed ad naseum in this thread: http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=263630&highlight=experian+inquiry

Here is the problem, the method used, (quoted verbatim): 1st post


Go here https://www.econsumer.equifax.com/co...online_dispute and enter in your zip code. At the top of the next page right under the Red Colored Welcome Message, you can select "click here" if you dont have a confirmation number.

You can only do 6 at a time but you can go back and do all of them. I removed 16 inquires.

5th post


Just put in the creditors name and under the account number field I put "Inquiry month/day/year" (Example "Inquiry 03/05/07") as listed on the CR.

Now look at the following pictures of my attempted dispute 10 minutes ago, and tell me where I can enter a creditor's name, and where I can furthermore enter an account number. Also please advise as to how there could be 6 different disputes at all, given that there are only 3 places to enter information. The creditor name and address are static, cannot be changed. HELP!





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And it's supposed to be EQ not EX. This also does not help anyone who is living in a CSC state unless you have a trusted person living in an EQ state that you can use their address to file the dispute.

Just a note I disputed all my EQ off (about 17) over a period of months and I live IN TX..CSC state. But then again I am brave compared to others. I just put in a zip code that was not in CSC state. In fact I used the zip code of one of my creditors so that if ever asked, I will just say it was a really huge mistake. Call it stupid or brave but it worked for me.

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I did something similar and it worked for removing the first 5 ings. Friday I got a letter from EQ stating that I was a CSC client and my request had been forwarded to them... I wasn't going for INQs tho... I only have one each with EQ and EX. I was only requesting their correction of my DOB and removing somebody else's address from my previous addresses.

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