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Yay! My first smell of sweet success


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My Fico score - EQ has gone up 16 points in the past 2 weeks :)

From 544 to 560 ..


Experian deleted 3 line items. One of them for 8K :)

The changes are not showing up on the 3 in ones I have. But Im Still So happy ..

I still have to the end of the week to get all the information. I submitted disputes around the 20th - 22nd of August.

I have some lines that confirmed and I dont know who what when or where. But Im gonna get on these letters and hopefully get my score higher by the end of the year ..


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You actually got EXP to delete a BK? Now that is one of the hardest things to do as they usually never do this.

I thought that too...But it doesn't say BK, it says 8K - which I'm assuming means $8,000 of debt deleted.

If it does mean BK, that's fabulous and the information needs to be shared. :lol:

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