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BS DV response from merchant!!


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OK, so i sent out a basic DV to a department store (express clothing aka WFNNB), who apparently does their own CA work.

recently they responded with a long letter indicating they are "unwilling" to send me any copies of account information, and "unable" to find any original application documents, and that "they are no longer available".

however, they state "Express and Structure reports all information, good or bad, to the credit bureaus. we believe in factual reporting and therefore your current rating with us will stand as reported in your credit file."

WTF does that mean? they CANNOT send me any type of DV as requested, but they claim what they're reporting IS factual??

should i send them some type of NUT CASE letter, or send this stupid response to the CRAs and have them delete based on NON-VALIDATED INFO?

any suggestions welcome, thanks in advance everyone!!

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Good for you! They just told you in writing that they can't validate the debt. Keep in mind that they are the OC, so they are not subject to the FDCPA. However, anyone that furnishes info to CRAs is subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act;quoted below.

FCRA (B) Duties of furnishers of information upon notice of dispute.

(E) if an item of information disputed by a consumer is found to be inaccurate or incomplete or cannot be verified after any reinvestigation under paragraph (1), for purposes of reporting to a consumer reporting agency only, as appropriate, based on the results of the reinvestigation promptly--

(i) modify that item of information;

(ii) delete that item of information; or

(iii) permanently block the reporting of that item of information.

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